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We have all struggled just trying to reach His Hem. Sometimes He lets us grasp only a thread and sometimes He engulfs us in His Robe. His grace is there for the taking.


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With My Last Breath, I'd Say I Love You
When Your Faith and Hope Slip, Grace Wins Every Time
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With My Last Breath, I'd Say I Love You
To My Readers

Sometimes our faith and hope slip from the battles that we are presented with and we’re in need of a little encouragement to keep taking that next step and next breath. Everyone has either faced a battle or a battle is ahead of them and it’s my desire for the reader to know that God’s grace is free and is available to all of us.

I hope at the end of the last page my readers are stronger than the first time my book sat in their hands and they have a greater sense of accomplishment for what they can do and who they are. I pray the challenge of some of their breaths have been lessened. Countless hours, days and years, have been poured into these pages and my desire is that something I’ve said, something I’ve lived will resonate enough with them to touch their hearts. I hope my words will be a light in their darkness and I can be someone in their corner fueling their spark. My desire is to provide hope to those recovering, those still fighting, and those just breathing.


Shelley Taylor

Inspiring Author

Told at age 36, that I was a twin.
Daughter of a prescription drug addict/alcoholic 40+ years.
Married 27 years, then divorced.
Poisoned by carbon monoxide and sustained traumatic brain injury.
I’ve lived both beautiful and broken breaths, and writing is my ministry.
Through God’s grace, I’m living my fairy-tale ending.