Stories of Hope

With My Last Breath, I'd Say I Love You

A book of encouragement,

written as my love letter back to the Lord, praising Him for all He’s brought me through
and encouragement to you, the reader that He can do the same for you.

God’s love for us is intentional as are our trials and hurts; they’re not mistakes to Him. He may not move your mountain and He may even allow a larger one, but He’ll walk the path with you if you let Him, so just begin with one step or one breath. No matter what He puts in your path, no matter what season you’re in, joy or weeping, He doesn’t forsake His children, so find Him in each season. Let Him support you, let His grace break your fall. You may have been slowly turned or vigorously thrown by the storms of life but you’re still us-able bent or broken, beautiful or tangled.

If you’ve lost your trust in Him, you feel broken and helpless; you’re drowning, over your head in despair, in need of just one more breath, this book’s for you.

It’ll bring hope to those recovering, those still fighting, and those just breathing. “With my last breath, I’d say I Love You.”

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Living Lexi

Living Lexi: The Book

Come take a walk in the life of a dyslexic. Have you ever wondered what the big deal was about people seeing “backwards?” Dyslexia is so much more than that! Come with me inside the life of Isabella who will walk you through her challenges and show you how she conquers the fight of dyslexia. Isabella is humorous and will tell you just what’s on her mind. Sometimes she may even tell you things that she means to just think. Are you dyslexic? This book’s for you. Do you know a dyslexic? This book’s for you. Does none of this apply to you? Well, read it just because it’s a darn cute book.  I know you’ll learn something and I promise you’ll laugh. Isabella will have you laughing from the start, and you just may shed a tear for yourself or someone you know.

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Shelley Taylor

A Little Information "About Me"

I have lived both beautiful and broken breaths. I am a seeker of God’s grace and look daily for God winks in every breath I’m given. I connect words and I’d love to connect with you in your beautiful or broken place.  

Writing is my ministry, both for you and for me. I write about: